Last Train From Berlin

Last Train From Berlin


Irene Magers

Publication Date: 

Jun 2010






  • Fiction


  • History



Book 3 of the Trilogy

Last Train From Berlin brings a surprising and haunting conclusion to the von Renz dynasty, the unforgettable Berlin family that readers first met in Coach From Warsaw, followed by Night Crossing to Athens. With this last installment of the trilogy, we see ancestral ties and age-old traditions pitted against a ruthless regime at war.

Her husband at the from, Lisbet von Renz tries to survive in Berlin during devastating bomb attacks. Death and starvation are daily realities; escape from the city is a pipe dream. Finally, with nowhere to turn, she takes shelter with Dorrit, who is hiding in plain sight from the Nazis. Salvation comes from unexpected quarters. But the price is high. Someone must risk everything.

Last Train From Berlin is a thrilling journey stretching south to Yugoslavia and north. to Denmark. Irene Magers once again proves that she is a wonderful storyteller, sweeping us into a maelstrom of shattered lives set against the backdrop of a burning continent. In the midst of it all, the reader will be profoundly moved and uplifted by the love and sacrifice that beats in the human heart at a time when suffering is at its worst. 


November 2010
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
The Midwest Book Review

“Tradition finds itself challenged when times are tough. Last Train From Berlin is the third volume in Irene Magers’ story following the von Renz dynasty as they find the bonds of their family under onslaught by World War II. A family split between fleeing and trying to retain their bonds forms a tragedy that will make readers remember the importance of love and honesty. Last Train From Berlin is a read that will prove hard to put down.”